Why have my adsense earnings dropped

Next: My CTR/page RPM has decreased. I haven't changed my site, I post regularly quality articles as before but since January 12, I see my earnings drop day by day I checked and my traffic Some people have been seeing a drop in Adsense earnings, ad impressions and CPC ever since they inserted the Ads. I was normally getting like $3 to $6 every day when I have the backlinks in the disavow list. With this calculator, it is easy to calculate Google AdSense earnings per visitor within a few seconds. But it was very unfortunate that after last week of April views are same or sometime increase than before but click earnings and every thing is very low. This post is really insightful as it throws more light on why AdSense earnings sometimes go down and how you can respond to optimize your earnings. google. AdSense revenue on our 20 year old editorial website is down 90%, when the animals hit we lost 60% and since then have lost another 75% of the reduced revenue…every thing that the google god has I am a adsense publisher since a 1. As a result, all my income has dropped from these niche sites. My previous thoughts on how AdSense works were completely the opposite of what the book says — thanks Joel!” Did you notice a huge drop in Adsense/Youtube earnings. May 6, 2016: Arrows have returned to my AdSense ads. “I have been listening to Joel’s AdSense Secrets book, and I have immediately started to see my results improve. I cannot figure out why my ad earnings dropped to a few pennies a day, after doing several dollars per day. In recent weeks, though, earnings have dropped relative to last year’s levels. A Decreased in -80% money was lost. Google AdSense earnings on my vacuum cleaner site have been sinking like Titanic on a cold night in 1912. Learning how to drive more traffic from Google can be made easy, when you understand the basics of how to rank on Google, you can EASILY double, or even sky rocket your adsense earnings if you do it properly!. How to Improve Your Adsense Revenue (RPM) So, is there a way to improve your RPM? The answer is yes and no. But in this case, you will not able to do anything. See what people are saying and join the conversation. October I came back with a 10% increase, but November looks to be heading back down again. But some disturbing trends point to red flags about the  26 Feb 2014 Using Google's Adsense on your site and worried about a sudden drop in earnings after the New Year? Don't worry - the decrease in profits is  2 Nov 2017 Learn why Adsense earnings have been decreased by 50-70 percent My Adsense Journey- How I Got Paid First Adsense Payment of $113 So to stop AdSense Revenue Drop and to increase earnings, it's important that you upgrade your Ads code and settings again quickly and Do AdSense  But over a period of time, from my experience, I found that blocking unwanted categories which are giving low earnings, is a better bet than follow Adsense  See Tweets about #adsense on Twitter. tm - Be free. 05 and CTR 3. The earnings from yesterday was 38 cents -- the lowest I have had in several months! I have no idea why this has happened. To maximise Adsense revenue for your current traffic levels you need to lose as many visitors as possible to a paying ad, if the ads aren’t paying as well as before why not use that site real estate to advertise your own site rather than somebody else’s. Seriously. My sites traffic is about 3000 daily hits with an average daily AdSense earnings of about $11. it was quite a damper for me, but then out of the blue came a sponsored post assignment with a payout of RM690 and I am like wow. So I was all excited migrating over this site to SSL and my corporate site but despite very little ranking changes, both negative or positive thus far, AdSense earnings seem to have taken a hit Today we'd like to share some insights about why AdSense earnings sometimes go down -- and look at how to troubleshoot what's going on when that happens. I had an average of 50 to 60 cents a day and few weeks ago it jumped to an average of 1. In my experience sometime I got a lot of click nearly 20 plus but my AdSense earnings is still low. 61% but my earnings are only 0. Happened yesterday, I also appealed and now am waiting to hear my fate. A drop in CTR/page RPM can be caused by a site design that's not  Why are there sudden drops in my AdSense income? 727 Views · If adsense search only accounts for 2% of earnings should I drop it? 15 Jan 2018 We have been reporting on the ongoing issues of AdSense publishers So if you see your AdSense earnings drop due to ads not showing up,  Hello, Adsense is getting worse and worse for me so far in November, . 9999% of the adsense view are from my Youtube channel. However, according to the Adsense Rep there are a few things that you Here is my experience and am still seeking help on how to get back to my previous earnings. Below is the screenshot, showing improvement in my earnings. This has never happened before. com account NOT adsense. it has decreased like 22-30 dollars lesser . It was a kind of panic situation. So what could be possible reason for this. The response from ProBlogger readers was mixed to say the least and included: “They’re interesting. CTR tanked for that site. To test it out, late last night I removed all the URLs from my filter, and so far today my earnings have been abysmal. This is why we had said earlier in this article that wait for at least one week before getting concerned about the drop in AdSense earnings and take necessary changes for the same. My adsense earnings dropped after I switched to the new blogger and came back on track after I removed the nofollow attribute from my blog template. If it doesn't, that may be the reason your YouTube earnings are going down. Home >> Making Money >> Google AdSense Tutorial and Tips >> Why Your Earnings Fluctuate. Google has been great so far. I like that the arrows are pretty small, yet visible to those who are paying attention to the ads But why is this? With some speculation on my part (and some people do seem to have received replies from the AdSense-helpdesk that supports this) — it sure does look like the issue is related to Why I loved using AdSense, back in the day. So at the end of the month, I won't be that far off from where I was last More and more web/blog owners are reporting a drop in Adsense earnings- some as much as 70% or more sudden drop in recent months. Daily earnings during the first days of March this year are increasing but still nowhere close to the pre-December figures. oh now I think I should ask about this. What you should then care about is increasing your page RPM. Let’s put it this way, seven months ago my earnings were almost £700 on the best month, that Has now dropped down considerably, I would say that April’s earnings will just be over £200. My forums have Adsense incomes that range from $100/mo to $1800/mo. There are two main reasons why my earnings have dropped: 1. Be There are many reasons why your Adsense earnings are going down. Generally, the overall internet ad revenue drops during april as it marks the start of 2nd quarter for businesses. The reason I stopped using the plugin is my AdSense earnings dropped by 30%. Google has a variety of tools and reports that will help you see what might be causing a decline and how you can respond to optimize your earnings. As Google did a round of algorithm- and wiped out a huge amount of its Adwords advertisers- coupled with the overall economy downturn, bloggers worldwide are affected. I’ve tried changing the AdSense layout, doesn’t seem to make an awful lot of difference. Next, your Google Adsense earnings per clicks will remain low. That’s a lot to lose. Since that drop things have been steady and while I'm bothered by the decline, the eCPM remains high enough to keep me from switching to another system. For the past 2 months it has dropped to $2 to $3. I still chose to migrate my sites to HTTPS and didn’t really see any decrease in earnings or RPM. After opening the AdSense calculator, you will see this screen: This window needs information from the stats of your website. And after moving to a new responsive website, I was expecting some boost in the Adsense earnings, but to my surprise even when overall traffic for the website increased, AdSense earnings dropped to more than half. I had no choice but switch to responsive ads. net started to earn some money – so for diversification purposes it was doing it’s job – but probably for the same reasons as with the banner ads, my Adsense income dropped. why are my adsense earnings so low in 2017. Yes you read it right, instead of increasing my Adsense Earnings dropped drastically. com and use Google Adsense and have a banner ad for Snorg Tees (which I am sure is against Google’s policy, oh well ban me), and the only reason I used Adsense was because honestly I had heard about them and kind of knew how they worked. All in just one day. Why are my Google AdSense earnings declining? Find out why your earnings have declined Your AdSense earnings suffer a sudden drop. In January 2017 earnings start dropping almost 30 percent than previous year. This post will explain in detail why is my adsense rpm so low, how to increase adsense rpm and youtube estimated earnings going down. So after few successful experiments, reading books on how Adsense works and referring many blog posts I understood that it is CPC which plays a major role in determining a blog or sites earnings. Invalid Activity Drop in RPM or CTR Ad Blindness Crawling Problems Increased Mobile Traffic Declining CPC Traffic Sources Ad Placement Changes A Decrease in Traffic My AdSense earnings dropped in a big way last October. This is because you only know the different ways to My Site went viral but My Adsense Earnings Are Sh!$%t! Btw, any idea why your CPC dropped to 00. Why? The answer to both the above questions is the same. I couldn' t put into perspective how bad my earnings are right now. That is why I developed my own plugin! If I could do a side by side earnings comparison between my plugin and any other, I would. ) The first thing you have to understand about AdSense is that how much you earn is My Adsense income has dropped fast I use the Adsense app on my phone so I can keep track of my daily earnings from Google Adsense. net is similar to Adsense in how it works, so it was great to see that immediately Media. . My general opinion is that it isn’t and while I will share with you a few case studies, of people who have made a lot and very little with it, the real bottom line (thesis) is that there’s WAY more money to be made to be made on your site/blog if you use the other This simply because they are developed by “programmers” who have no experience with Adsense, and don’t know what publishers need. All of my ads start with //, they did even before I forced SSL on my pages. Each week I would log into my AdSense account to see the earnings increase slightly. I have a site, which has almost NONE visitor. Are you searching for adsense earnings down 2017, adsense earnings dropped dramatically 2017 and why have my adsense earnings dropped. AdSense Earnings Decrease 2017 suddenly from April: Its not new thing AdSense publisher facing new problem of decrease in click earnings and CTR day by day. After my reply they did not respond, and since then my earnings have dropped. 06. 40, and Cost Per Unique visit RM0. 27 Jan 2010 But i dropped it for better ways of monetization like creating your own I still think I will do alright with my blog though, in adsense earnings. Short Explanation of this Problem . com) which pay per view, not per click. In this blog post, I’ll explain some neat tricks to increase YouTube RPM and boost your Adsense Earnings. my Adsense earning was dropping and it was not 1,2% drop it was almost half. Two months ago I decided to try out the Ad balance and my daily earnings dropped to about $3. I have not changed my website. 3 PowerStroke Project… Just under a week ago AdSense rolled out their new Sliding/Scrolling feature on Text Ads. Jan 31st, it made around lets say $350 and Feb 1st it went down to like $25. People always ask me why Google AdSense earnings change so much or why there's such a drastic increase or decrease in the click through rate (CTR) or RPM (revenue per page. just have a revenue or traffic drop and not an actual issue with AdSense ads I will try my very best to minimize confusion with this topic; as Google has . It dropped $900 in the course of a month. This feature is now a cornerstone of my AdSense Ninja WP plugin (along with Easy Ad Placement, AB testing, ads in comments). I’m sure over time Google AdSense HTTPS support will improve greatly, but be aware of the limitations. You can’t really argue with results. And yes I mean RPM, in my adsense language its called PTZ, so I just tried to somehow translate it, so you would understand what I actually mean. If at all I need to increase my adsense earnings I need to focus on CPC. Why? Next, though you have implemented almost all the different ways to increase Adsense revenue, you are still not making money from Google AdSense. We all know that google Making money online with AdSense is like selling your content to your reader. My buddy and I just started our site 2guysandablog. These have been performing well on the pages that I have placed them. 84. Is there any  AdSense earnings regularly go down for some sites and keep growing for others for many, many reasons. I've checked out my website on a mobile phone and the ads that come up are actually non-invasive which hopefully won't annoy my visitors, they will only click on them if they want to. Since WordPress themes are not designed with Google AdSense plugin in mind, finding the right locations to insert ads can be challenging for some. Its all the time we are facing huge decrements in earnings time to time Just after beginning of new year 2017. My own experience shows a 75% drop in EPC, but my traffic has doubled. Any clues? The page I need help with: [log in to see the link] My web visitors are up abd I have been improving my content, but my earnings have dropped 60% this year, and March is going to be the worst month in years. Also at the end of the month (in which my earnings were now down 20%) my payable earnings are down another 17% from what I earned. In one of my previous articles I have shared how to increase AdSense earnings and it will help them to boost revenue from their blog. Have you ever wonder. Embed Tweet. My only thought is some advertisers with bigger budgets and higher cpc dropped their campaigns from my site due to it not backing out for them. I always smile when these kinds of queries I get as why people don’t understand Google AdSense program policies before getting start with AdSense. My last estimated earning is yesterday, but I have no clue why google adsense account shows "0". Read my experience. I noticed my estimated revenue decreased(at dashboard) but then increased again the next day. I have an education based portal and was getting a $6 to $7 cpc for 2 months staright. AdSense Earnings Down After Switching To Responsive Ads: Fixing The True Cause. But a decrease can also be due to a change in your content. However I’m sure my sites are pulling from a smaller pool of advertisers, but there are still enough to fill every ad slot 100% of the time. A lot of factors has to be consider in order to get a click on expensive ads. Actually, there are a number of reasons for that. Hopefully, this was a one off and I will not see such a reduction next month. I know you were in a similar situation before, so I’m wondering if i could get some tips on how to possibly get my AdSense account back? The Good & Bad News About Your High Traffic But Low RPM / Earning with Adsense 8 comments First I'd like to Welcome all of us into the new Year 2015, this is my First post this year and I'll be using it to talk to us about Online Cash, Adsense to be precise. As I’m writing this, I can see ads for 180 Adsense Ready Sites, 231 sites, 150 sites, and so on. A drop in page views could simply be seasonal; retailers, for instance, tend to see a traffic drop after the holiday season. I looked at the YouTube views and they also dramtically dropped from around 15,000 a day to now 2,000 a day I was making around $40-50 a day, now i'm barley making $3. My Adsense earnings dropped 4 straight months from June through September. I was hopping to  29 Sep 2016 My AdSense earnings down: Why did it happen? It has been pretty bad so far: While Publisher Impression dropped by 13. 00 a day, a few days was over 2. It will get resume automatically within months. What happened to my ad earnings? If you’re reading this there is a good chance you’re in the first stage of trying to figure out why your ad earnings from Adsense — or any number of different ad networks — have dropped. Did I miss some kind of FYI that the page restructuring was going to affect Adsense earnings? This is bunk. For me, I figured it out and actually made it work for my site. While the file itself is not harmful in any way and would definitely not impact your earnings if it is implemented incorrectly then it could cause problems! A lot of my earnings come from my mobile ads. Time will tell. 3 PowerStroke Project… Description and links . Troubleshoot a drop in earnings. But 99. Also, there aren’t as many ads showing as before. I looked online and found that it doesn't count your YouTube earnings as they build but rather sends them over all as one lump sum on a set date but there's a lot of conflicting information on when that is. You will have three values, such as daily page impression, cost per click and CTR in %. 30 Jul 2015 If you looked at your earnings in the morning and noticed a drop in revenue, impressions or clicks later on in the day, it is likely caused by  Decrease in earnings. However, It was free and easy money for me. If this has happened to you ie you have experienced a drop in adsense earnings after switching to the new blogger, perhaps you could try it and see if it works for you. Analytics show my traffic dropped considerably but that isn't the case because another site shows traffic didn't drop. One person posted here a year or two ago that he dropped AdSense for selling his own ad space and increased his earnings x6. @Nerbie, good for you. My visitors to my site has dropped by 2% over last year, but that shouldn't have such a dramatic effect. 6%! I did this by identifying the device (Desktop or Mobile) and serving appropriate ad sizes, which provide maximum CPM (RPM). 5 years actually till approx june july last year my adsense was working very good approximately $10/month easily but I don't know that what happed suddenly that till now my monthly earnings are apprpx $1 since that time because I was not earning my interest is now down from blogging. But what i see now is that i was having a high CTR( almost double till 14th with eCPM one and half compared to now) , so i think the adsense earnings are not integrated for me ,,,, if they are ,,, i have lost money and will be losing Do a search on Google for “adsense ready websites” (with or without quotes), and take a look at the ads down the right side of the page. You need to be more concerned with providing quality content on a consistent basis. So I have a good feel for how My Adsense income has dropped fast I use the Adsense app on my phone so I can keep track of my daily earnings from Google Adsense. Fix it! I have adsense enabled on it. You can read the most popular article on my blog on How to make money with porn sites. Also suggest me some other advice to further increase adsense income and increase page My earnings are dropping | AdSense Help - Google Help In this article, you will learn about the possible causes for decreased and reduced earnings and what you can possibly do to rebuild and bring your earnings back up again to normal finalized revenue. Before posting this blog post, I want you to know my YouTube Earnings Journey. I have no idea why. If your traffic has dropped, here are some ways you might increase it: My Nuffnang MY earnings on the hand, my Cost-Per-Click campaign for 9 months totalled RM12. but for the last few months my Adsense income has been decreased so now  An Honest Ezoic Review – How I (Safely) Tripled My AdSense Earnings In didn 't know what to do, especially after my Adsense revenue started to drop like a  12 months, a minimum subscriber count of 1,000, and an open AdSense account. I should have known better and admit it was a mistake. I’d have no problem removing Google Adsense from one of my websites if there was a high risk of my account being closed and unpaid earnings not being honoured. It could be that Google is decreasing the value of clicks across the board, which would have the effect of making click-fraud less attractive for arbitrage sites/MFA sites and easier to catch with less losses to the advertisers who pay for every click incurred. My Case-Study on Influence of Toxic Backlinks on Adsense Revenue? Then my Adsense earnings plummeted immediately. why has adsense earnings drop in 2017? why has adsense CPC drop so George explains why some of your earnings dropped in the shiny Freedom! dashboard in this video. I had a huge drop in my earnings few days back. How To Get #Adsense Approved First Hand in 3 Steps . 8? you inspired me to start a blog of my own. Mostly you are using youtube only to know your earnings, where it shows revnue of 28 days only. I used to average about $25 a day, but now am lucky to get $10 a day. Home > Google News > Google AdSense > Massive CPC Drops Across Google AdSense Publishers. Both the views and earnings of my website have been constantly increasing till 31 Dec 2013. Despite this issue, I am hoping to significantly increase my Google Adsense income this year. Yesterday i have purchased Crazy egg because i actually thought it would help me on how my adsense ads was performing and where are the place that’s getting the most clicks, however, after a few moments i saw my adsense earning slowly decreasing in earnings as opposed to last money. I wasn’t earning a great deal, mind you, around $70 to $100 per month. I hope you have made the required changes to the adsense code for pageviews) if that's what you mean by PPT and total income as well. I know my blog is new but this month so far I have received 4897 views with CPC of 0. This puny little post won’t change what the 800-pound gorilla called Google does with the AdSense program, but maybe it’s a small step towards a better life as a publisher. Also, told me hackers now can change your code or something so that some of your adsense ads are paying them. Many ideas came from that experience, currently working on it. WHY I DROPPED THE 7. If we can increase adsense CPC then we have chances of earning more. My CTR/page RPM has decreased. freedom. For our calculations in this post, let's also use $100/day, as that seems to be one of the biggest milestones people want to reach with their own niche sites. Google announced its quarterly earnings reports, and there were some surprises If CPCs drop by 8% and your overall ad clicks increase 26%, then you've My name is Mel, and I'm in Ad Ops managing a variety of premium publisher sites. The amount of clicks I got is WAY beyond what my adsense account reports across all my sites together. My Adsense earnings (not the ad program earnings) dropped by two-thirds yesterday yet I have the same amount of traffic as always. It seems like a machine sent this standard auto response email. I have no policy violations. I added a banner for a client on one of my sites. You'll learn about the key drivers for revenue, the reports to look at, and some best practices for optimizing your earnings. It does feel precarious to have all my eggs in the Adsense basket, but the payout from other ad networks is abysmal in comparison. Obviously, everybody's idea of a full-time income will be different. I really hope this is only temporary. 00. I get disabled, Google lets me know, I fix the issue, appeal, and get Adsense restored. Unfortunately, it caused my AdSense earnings to tank. I have som I used this money for many different important things. Not even a smooth trend like you would expect for something natural. There are far better methods to monetize a blog like affiliate marketing, Selling ebooks, services, etc. Let’s look at the typical case – most of the ads you see on blogs are generated by Google AdSense. Adsense publishers are worrried that Adsense earnings for 2017 have dropped so low. Another thing to consider is not the sort term but your long term earnings. However, starting from Feb 1st, there was a 70% decrease on my main website. My own number was $3000/month when I first started out, which equaled to $100/day. AdSense is useless and this why I never monetize my blog with AdSense. Also, the vertical ads are always filled, but I use them only on one section of site, other pages have horizontal 728x90px ads. And it all depends on your case whether it was high and dropped or it has been so low since ever. This guide will help you to understand and troubleshoot the various factors that can lead to a decrease in earnings. If the situate is same and only adsense earning is dropped but views are stable or increasing then the  Why AdSense Earnings Drop / Change People always ask me why Google AdSense earnings change so much or How Do I Increase My AdSense RPM? 17 Jul 2019 A lot of Google publishers face a typical problem with their AdSense earning, and all of them has the same query-why my AdSense revenue  18 Jan 2018 See why AdSense ads aren't showing impressions on your website. My page views have decreased. This guide will help you to understand and troubleshoot the  Decrease in earnings. So initially I thought that it Why AdSense Ads Aren’t Showing Impressions. I have seen many bloggers complaining and crying over the drop down of adsense earnings this year (2014). Ben, As usual another great article. 02 but if we calculate earnings should be approx $8. In the end of September 2016, AdSense sent me a warning I did not comply with the policies. If this continues then I am planning to swap all ads for Amazon CPM ads (from Amazon. So, what is this about, is this about your website or some other factors? I found the same issue with my adsense earnings. What happened? A lot of publishers face sudden drops in their earnings, CTR and RPM. @Jay, as regards my own Adsense performance, everything has been erratic since late last year. Fortunately, Adsense earnings reverted to its normal level in January 2008 but in February, income is back again in the same level as December 2007. Just as it was shared, I also have decided to share it with you, hoping you will learn something new from it. May 9, 2016: Despite arrows returning to my AdSense ads, AdSense revenue is still at fairly low levels, which is a big surprise. You may be wondering why is my Adsense RPM is so low. I have completely original content on my blog, I write and research it all myself, I work hard to get followers and more readers… and I don’t try to get clicks or anything. If you have good traffic in your blog but you are not getting very good earning then you can read this whole. Today I am going to disclose some key factors that decrease If you are a blogger and makes a living through blogging, then this post is for you. Every webmaster I talk to seeing a 50-70% drop in earnings this week. Therefore firms will be evaluating and will be planning the marketing stratergies for the quarter in april, this reducing the overal Hence, you will a sudden drop in your AdSense earnings. 27%, the Publisher  12 May 2017 Login to your AdSense account and navigate to “My ads > Ad . Adsense is still the top dog when it comes to pay-per-click ad networks. txt Google has been warning people about. I made this change a few weeks ago and have seen about a 40% increase in my AdSense earnings… it’s possible that it’s just a holiday thing, but so far I’m pretty impressed. Links Join Freedom! https://www. Even PewDiePie, YouTube's largest star, has fallen victim to this mistake . All they do is just copy the same set of features from one another. com account), it shows that everything is good. Same for all my sites. I visited my youtube channel estimated earning (NOTE: is youtube. After I replaced Responsive ad units with fixed size ads, my RPM / Earnings went up more that 85. However this blog post is focused on new bloggers working in Pakistan. 1. 75%. Personal experience on how I Fixed Sudden Drop in AdSense Earnings After Since my AdSense revenue took a hit due to responsive ad units, I decided to  18 Apr 2017 May be on YouTube or may be on blog . It was totally related to the amount paid per click. I have a controversial opinion to share with you today on whether or not Google Adsense is worth it and if it’s worth it. But when I removed all the domains and links from disavow tool, my Adsense earnings dropped to below $2. My earnings from AdSense have dropped, but because of my increase in traffic, my earnings from Tribal Fusion have doubled. I was even being targeted by competitors sending fake traffic to my Adsense websites. How to increase Google AdSense revenue in 5 step follow Or is a very good source of online money working from blogging too. You really do not want to become over-infatuated with trying to raise your number. 13 Feb 2017 There seems to be more “My AdSense Sky Is Falling” griping across forums, blogs and social media, this year than in past years. and there was not a drop in the number of visitors. And up to last week of April is remain same. Why are Adsense earnings on a decline? I’m super depressed about my Adsense being deactivated. I will list some of the reasons why your earnings have gone down. Next: My CPC has decreased. be/n7XEiiYbs_k # YouTube #Earnings #Monetized #Affiliate #Partner #Adsense . Media. The views continued to increase but the earnings have dropped by 40 to 50% from 1st Jan 2014. This year, there has been an increase in the number of discussions online inside of AdSense forums about why AdSense ads aren’t showing any impressions on certain websites or pages. There are a number of ways to do so. Why are my YouTube earnings decreasing sudden from April 2017 – Its not new that YouTube earnings dropped 2017. I dont know what exactly you are asking but will tell you few things that will help you to know exactly how much you are earning. But this time ,rapidly decreasing even though I'm still gaining views. I’m making videos for 2-3 years and I’ve faced many up’s and downs in YouTube Adsense Earnings. However, my adsense earnings this month has dropped dramatically to now $100. Many factors affect how much you can make through Google Adsense, including the topic you blog about, the specific ad displayed, how much traffic you have, and what percentage of that traffic clicks. How Much Does YouTube Pay Us? https://youtu. In fact, it appears the arrows have not increased revenue at all. As I said, when I got started, I was using AdSense everywhere on my site, and I loved it. Why? Drops can be caused by anything from irrelevant ads being displayed, invalid clicks or even a drop in the cost-per-click for a particular keyword. Feb 11, 2019 I get disabled, Google lets me know, I fix the issue, appeal, and get Adsense restored. Yes its true that the adsense earnings have dropped down by 45% as per my personnel experience. I am using Adsense for 7 years now and every year resulted with low earnings in Q1, well, at least the first 2 months were always really bad. suddenly my Nuffnang MY earnings overtook my google adsense earnings. 17 Sep 2015 Others may have noticed an increase in traffic, but not me. After 20 days my YouTube balance says I've earned just short of 50 dollars in this time but my adsense balance is still 0. If you want money from Adsense, then it is dependent on your complete earnings click and traffic. Today, I am going to focus specifically on how to optimize and test your Google Adsense ads on your websites; however, these general principles could be applied to any other type of advertising. Not 100% sure why though just a guess. So I have a good feel for how In the last blog post, I discussed the sudden drop in AdSense earnings, in this blog post I will discuss how I fixed sudden drop in AdSense earnings after going responsive. My AdSense income dropped by more that 75%. why have my adsense earnings dropped

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